XACML at XML Amsterdam 2011

Less than three weeks till XML Amsterdam 2011 where I’ll be speaking on XACML.

XML Amsterdam is a small, focused conference dedicated to XML. As part of X-Hive EMC’s XML R&D center, I live and breathe XML, so I’m glad to have an XML conference in the Netherlands. The conference is small, so we won’t get lost in the crowd and the chances of good networking opportunities are high. And it is completely focused on XML, unlike Momentum, for instance. Finally, with speakers from all major native XML databases (xDB, MarkLogic, and eXists), we can expect some lively discussions 😉 . Especially with EMC IIG Chief Architect Jeroen van Rotterdam opening the conference with a keynote titled Is XML dead?

My presentation will introduce eXtensible Access Control Markup Language (XACML), an XML language for access control. I will place XACML in the context of access control models, and show that XACML is a future-proof technology that organizations can start using now, and then stay with as their access control needs evolve. I will continue to explain the architecture, request/response protocol, and policy language that make up XACML.

Here are my slides.


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