Cloud Computing Standards

… Under Construction …

Since cloud computing is still an evolving market, the short term reality is that there will be many different providers with different APIs and interfaces. Cloud consumers may turn to cloud service brokers to abstract these incompatible APIs and provide proxies in advance of the arrival of open standards. However, there are already some standardization efforts underway.

Open Cloud Computing Interface Working Group

Amazon EC2 API

VMware’s vCloud API

Sun’s Open Cloud API

Rackspace API

GoGrid’s API

DMTF’s Open Virtualization Format

IEEE P2302, Draft Standard for Intercloud Interoperability and Federation

DMTF’s Open Cloud Standards Incubator

Cloud Data Management Interface (CDMI)


Open Grid Forum’s Open Cloud Computing Interface

Open Cloud Consortium
Storage Networking Industry Association
Open Group
TM Forum’s Cloud Services Initiative


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